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Let’s Talk Names

Each of the styles featured are influenced by pioneers in fashion and design. These trailblazers began careers in other fields, but were drawn to fashion as a creative passion they could not ignore, much like our own Dushyant Asthana. Self-made and innovative, these entrepreneurs each embody the ideal contemporary successful man. We pay homage here.


The Tom:

If there were a GOAT of suits, The Tom would be it. Oh and by GOAT, we mean Greatest Of All Time. A suit that transcends the generation and style continuum, The Tom looks just as great on a 25 year old as it does on a 55 year old. This suit is built to last. The Tom is a gift that keeps on giving. With wider lapels, a medium-slim fit and a brash, nearly cheeky masculinity, the Tom is a traditionalist’s dream. Like its namesake, The Tom is perfect for the gallantly classic man with immaculate taste. Dress The Tom up with a pocket square for an audacious twist.


The Lapo:

From the glacial heights of the Italian Alps to the chaotic depths of Florence’s narrow street markets, The Lapo can, in fact, fearlessly conquer all. Outfitted with extra wide peak lapels and straying far from “safe” colors, The Lapo is not for the faint of heart. The Lapo is an unabashed entrepreneur’s ideal, open and adventurous. We designed it for men who take charge, men who take chances, but most importantly, we designed The Lapo for men who break the rules. Think of it as the Ferrari of suits, if you will.


The Oz:

Meet The Oz - our unique take on the modern fit: just a bit BOLD.  Constructed with slim lapels and lightweight fabric from Huddersfield, England, The Oz may be the most extraordinary suit you will ever own. Wear it with equal ease to an investor meeting or on a date - you just can’t go wrong! The Oz is a suit that epitomizes the unorthodox individual intent on forging his way off of the beaten path. The Oz leads British bespoke couture in an innovative yet elegant manner. Sleek and contemporary, The Oz is resilient, distinct and engaging.


The Patrick:

Inspired by classic English style, The Patrick is a six button double-breasted suit that is here to change the game. Deriving its name from the depths of Savile Row, The Patrick is truly a versatile suit. Pair it with a crewneck and loafers OR a button-down shirt and oxfords, and you will be the reason why the show stops. Simple yet sophisticated, this double-breasted suit hearkens from a rich history of bespoke English tailors. Straightforward lines and crisp colors achieve a flawless sensibility for the chivalrous gentleman.


The Ralph:

The Ralph is our most traditional style. That may be so, but don’t let that fool you into thinking The Ralph is a conservative suit. The Ralph carries quintessential American style to a higher level. Simple and clean, made of 100% Merino wool, it embodies the American Dream attained. Impeccable and effortless, the Ralph rejects edginess to embrace beauty in the familiar. Offered with slight shoulder pads and medium wide notch lapels, The Ralph is a suit that James Bond would choose to wear as he fights to saves the world. After all, the man in the suit does always win the fight!

June 13, 2016 by Alyssum Gruenfeldt-Roy