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We are life-long nomads, global citizens, and urban rogues rolled into one. Inspired by a vibrant, colorful world of architecture and art, we integrate global eclecticism with classic tailoring. Our garments are made from artisan crafted hand-made fabrics and produced responsibly.

The Airport Road

This collection is dedicated to the traditional fabric printing techniques of the town of Sanganer, located in the heart of the Thar desert. The fabric used for this collection is ultra-soft 100% cotton cambric and is entirely screen printed by hand. We used folk motif designs to remain honest to the origins of this collection. The shirts have a slim European fit and each shirt gets better with age and wear.

The Elemental Weave

Inspired by time-tested and sustainable fabric weaving methods, all shirts in this collection are made of 100% handwoven fabrics, called Khadi.

A symbol of resistance against imperialism, Gandhi popularized khadi as a way to stand-up against the British colonialism and empower the Indian freedom movement.

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An Ode to the Desert

As the name suggests, this collection is exactly that - a conglomerate of carefully designed shirts to celebrate the greatness of the desert. The shirts in this collection feature an oversized fit and colors that are inspired by the great deserts.  The details for the shirts in the collection were conceived while Dushyant was traveling through the Thar desert in north-west India. This collection is our small tribute to the great landscape.

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