Steeped in tradition and shaped from life experience, Dushyant Asthana isn’t simply an eponymous brand, but a philosophy, a reflection of its creator. Raised in a culture of vibrant colors, textiles and art, Dushyant’s influences became the world around him. That world included his mother, who instilled a sense of propriety and respect for oneself and others, to be echoed in one’s stylistic comportment. Dushyant took that to heart, blending his upbringing with a passion for color and fashion. Born in one hemisphere, attending university in another, and residing on both the east and west coast gave Dushyant a feel for global expressions of culture through style. Effortlessly integrating unconventional accents from the East with classic Western tailoring principals, Dushyant Asthana constructs clothing for the contemporary gentleman who has something to say.

The fundamental concern of Dushyant Asthana is to create bold and fresh clothing sui generis constructed using classic tailoring principles and distinctive designs. Dushyant Asthana offers an alternative to the banality so often exhibited in much of the fashion industry. Tailored with the highest quality materials and hand-picked fabrics, each garment style is unique, allowing for a perfect, one-of-a-kind experience. Each garment conveys an unequalled individual identity in the hopes that it contribute to creating enigmatic memories and an audacious mode of expression for the wearer.

We believe that individuality matters. Style matters. Originality matters. And what you wear, MATTERSLive Bold!


Text contributed by: Matthew Bozin and Alyssum Gruenfeldt-Roy